Power Transformers

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  •  Generation Step-up Units (GSU)
  •  Transmission Substations
  •  Distribution Substations
  •   Industrial Plants
  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Cement
  •  Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  •  Rolling mills
  •  Mining
  •  Desalination Plants
  •  Pumping stations
  •  Small Industry

Engineering Specifications

Electrolytic Grade Copper or Continuously Transposed Conductors (eTC) are commonly used according to the design requirements
Magnetic Cores
The magnetic cores are manufactured of cold rolled groin oriented steel sheets. The steel sheets in the core limbs and yokes are clamped together by glass- epoxy bonds
Tap Changers
Tap Changers ore used to regulate the output voltage of transformers 10 required levels
Tank and Cover
The tank, cover and conservator ore made of steel plates
Bushings and Cable Boxes
Transformers can be manufactured with bushings, cable boxes or plug-in cable terminals.

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