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Compact Substations :

CSS are used in the distribution network to package in one housing the Medium Voltage switchgear (usually a RMU), distribution transformer (DT) and Low voltage distribution panel (LVDP). The housing can be of steel sheet or concrete.

CSS Packages Substations , Electrical Kiosks or Distribution Electrical Centers are common names serving the same purpose .

Engineering Specifications
The metal enclosed CSS can be in a form of:

  • One compartment solution where the MV RMU, DT an d LVDP are in one compartment.
  • Three compartmented solution where the MV RMU, DT and LVDP are segregated from each other by steel sheets in separate compartments.
  • Since CSS are installed outdoor, the environment has a big impact on the design and execution of the units.
  • We consider all parameters which could affect the performance of the CSS such as ambient temperature. sand storms, insects, location, altitude, gases, transportation, humidity and others.
  • The access to operate and maintain CSS is possible by having doors for each comportment and movable roof.
  • The MV side can be a primary switchgear, a compact switchgear, a RMU. The configuration is based on the system type, where it is a radial Or ring system.

Prefabricated Electrical


  • Distribution Substations up to 36 KV with power transformer(s) outside the PEC installed under a canopy
  • Multi Transformers PEC (more than one transformer in one container)
  • Switching stations where a MV switchgear can be installed
  • Pressurized centers to be installed in areas where hazardous gases are available
  • Electrical centers for water applications and pumping stations
  • Operating room for industries and mining

Engineering Specifications
PECs are metal enclosures, housing or containers to package a system together and ship to site as a product. PECs are transportable as they can be lifted.
They could be:

  • Walk-in type
  • Non walk-in type
  • The walk-in type is operated from inside the housing while the non-walk-in type is operated from outside the housing.
  • PECs can be equipped with operator room, air conditioning, kitchen and other facilities in case requested by the customer.
  • The walls of PECs can be built as single or double lover with insulation material in between or just air.
  • PECs can be installed on top of each other (in a module form) to construct a multi-purpose center.
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