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Dry type Cast Resin Transformer 


  • All magnetic core of Elsewedy Transformers are made from grain-oriented electrical steel. It is protected with varnish in order to prevent from corrosion and to get better noise level.
  • The cores legs are bound with insulation tapes. 
  •  Clamping and other steel parts are painted according to ambient condition.
  •  The low voltage winding consists of either aluminum or copper foil depends on the customer request.
  •  HV winding consists of either aluminum or copper rectangular/round conductor with F Class insulating material.

Accessories of Cast Resin Transformers 
Temperature Control System  :

  • Features
  • PT 100 linear resistance are used as sensors for monitoring and controlling temperature of the transformers.
  • This system can do temperature setting, highest temperature recording, signal for alarm and trip, starting the fan on manually.

Air-Forced System :

  • Features
  • To increase the capacity of the transformers 40%, the Elsewedy Cast Resin Transformers are equipped with Cooling fans.
  • Cooling Fans are installed on both sides of transformer. The fans are automatically switched on and off by means of sensors. Upon Customers Request

Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer 


Hermetically sealed transformers (closed construction type without conservator) that are recommended for use in high humidity environments, limited maintenance service availability, and limited dimensions such as substation kiosks.


  • The product is designed to optimize:
  • Capitalization of losses.
  • Specified performance characteristics such as impedance, rise in temperatures, efficiency and noise levels.
  • Mechanical design with fittings and accessories for specifying maximum overall dimensions and weight.
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