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Compensation Banks

To compensate the nominal loss of reactive power (VAR), TEPCO offers the market solutions for Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction Banks.
VAR compensation is defined as the management of reactive power to improve the performance of AC power systems. The concept of VAR compensation embraces a wide and diverse field of both system and customer problems, especially related with power quality issues, since most of power quality problems can be associated or solved with an adequate control of reactive power. In general, the problem of reactive power compensation is viewed from two aspects: load compensation and voltage support. In load compensation the objectives are to increase the value of the system power factor, to balance the real power drawn from the AC supply, compensate voltage regulation and to eliminate current harmonic components produced by large and fluctuating nonlinear industrial loads. Voltage support is generally required to reduce voltage fluctuation at a given terminal of a transmission line.

Product Highlights
Main Features:   

  • Reduces internal distribution system losses.
  • Enhances voltage stability.
  • Increases cables’ lifetime due to reduction of current passing through it.
  • Decreases the maximum kVA.

Design Standards:
Our MV Reactive Power Compensation complies with the following International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standards:

  • IEC 60871-1

Suitable for the following applications:
MV Reactive Power Compensation Banks are suitable for use in the following applications:

  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Building
  • Industries
  • Utilities
  • Infrastruct


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