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TEPCOs technology offers reliable and innovative products and solutions in the field of reactive power compensation, power quality and energy management to customers worldwide.
TEPCO has over 30 years of consolidated international experience in design, development and manufacturing of low voltage power capacitors and low & medium voltage power factor correction.TEPCO offers Low Voltage Capacitor Banks to save energy (for more information on the available banks please click on the Related Links).

Benefits of Reactive Power Compensation
Technical Advantages
1. Reduction of internal distribution system losses: Where, as PF decreases; the apparent power (kVA) increases with P active (kW) held constant, So losses = 3I² R will increase.
2. Increasing the internal electrical distribution system capacity.
3. Enhancing voltage stability.
4. Reduction in demand may allow you to reduce the contracted power demand or increase your loads without needing more contracted power. 
5. The cables lifetime increases due to reduction of current passing through it, which leads also to decreasing the temperature so the lifetime of insulation will increase
6. The maximum (kVA) will decrease.
Economical Advantages:
1.In Egypt  utilities impose a penalty in the form of higher charges for customers with contracted loads greater than 500KW whose power factor is less 0.9.0
2.Bonus is offered to customers when they maintain an average annual PF higher than 0.92 and up to a maximum of 0.95.

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