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TEPCO offers its clients Absorption Filters, absorb certain harmonic currents generated by a certain load, so that these currents do not reach the network or other neighboring loads. The absorption filters are generally installed as close as possible to those loads generating a high level of harmonic currents.

Two types of absorption filters can be used: (for more information go to Related Links)
a. Passive filters: formed by several L-C branches
b. Active filters: based on electronic inverters

Benefits of Reactive Power Compensation
Our harmonics filters can perform the following:

1. Reduces neutral currents 
2. Reduces transformer loading
3. Minimizes impact on distribution transformers 
4. Reduces local neutral to ground voltage 
5. Lowers peak phase current/average phase current 
6. Increases system capacity 
7. Decreases system losses 
8. Improves power factor on non-linear loads 
9. Reduces total harmonic distortion 
10. Improves phase current balance

Suitable for the following applications:

Industrial- printers, extruders, machining, heavy industries: pulp and paper producers, mining, oil and chemical refineries, iron and steel, rubber and plastics, glass and cement, and food processing.
- Utilities- electrical utilities, and water treatment plants.
- Commercial- data centers, telephone centers, and hospitality services.
- Residential- consumer electronics, and personal computers.

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