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Safety and security manual is presented to enlist the plan for protection of all structures, properties, safety and security of personnel and utilities during the project work. The methods adopted to achieve safety and protection for maintaining and safe guarding program personnel, properties and all other crimes are elaborated as under.


Adequate supply of drinking water will be provided at site. Sufficient number of toilets and urinals will be provided for the persons working at site. As a preventive step for insects, vermin, snakes, use of safety tolls, gloves, drainage destruction of nests, elimination of unsanitary condition and approved first-aid remedies will be adopted.


Clinic is functioning at site during the hours of site work, under the direct supervision of a qualified Doctor for treatment of employees.


Only persons physically fit for performing duties to which they are assigned will be made to work. White helmets and safety boots, overalls and blue helmets are worn by all workers at site. Persons handling rough, sharp-edged abrasive material will use hand protection. Person will not be allowed to work under dangerous banks, all staircases, passageways and access ways will be kept free from materials, supplies and obstruction at all times. Individuals working on electrical distribution systems will be provided with insulation gloves and tools. During night offices, passageway, construction roads and work areas will be lighted while work is in progress. All persons exposed to operations which subject them face or eyes to dust or flying parts will use eye face protection.

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