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  • General and specialized Contractors for Building Construction. Industrial & Commercial Projects involving Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Erection of Camps Complete Service and Furnishings.
  • Earth and Road Construction Works.
  • Landscaping, Building Maintenance, Repairs, Asphalt & Steel Works.

The quality manual outlines the policies, procedures and requirements of the Quality Management System. The system is structured to comply with the conditions set forth in the International Standard ISO 9001:2008

MASSA has determined that the following requirements are not applicable to the operations at this site and are documented as exclusions.

Validation of Processes for production and service provision
All the processes at BESC for Contracting can be monitored and the resulting output can be verified. Therefore clause 7.5.2 is not applicable on the QMS of BESC General & Specialized Contractors.

Quality Policy
It is the policy and overall business objective of MASSA to provide services of the highest quality and in compliance with the clients specified requirements.
The Company recognizes that genuine commitment to understanding the present and future needs of its clients is essential to achievement of these objectives and thus continually strives to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of the clients are realized in th quality of the services provided.

By maintaining a documented    quality system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, the company can ensure that effective processes are used to identify and provide the required level of Quality.

Monthly internal meetings are held to review the achieved results of the Quality System to ensure that continuing improvements of the system and processes are maintained.

The management of the Company shall communicate, consult and advise with employees on all quality issues relevant to the operation of its business.

The Company is committed to the continual integration of improvements and therefore this policy is subject to annual review.

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