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The real estate sector in Saudi Arabia represents an important part of the national economy. This sector has become stronger and more important in light of population increases and urban development witnessed by the Kingdom, along with the boom in the real estate sector in particular, that is represented by the huge volume of real estate investments.

This division undertakes research to identify a project, develops and evaluates its feasibility for investment and financing, and then, for many projects, procures the land for development of the residential and commercial centers, although our road to development varies from case to case.

Al Massa has managed to establish itself firmly in the real estate development and investments market. This success is attributed to the vision and firm basis of Al Massa to develop and manage the implementation of various real estate projects, to serve all sectors, including residential, commercial, and tourism.

Al Massa deals today with a broad base of customers and investors in the domestic and regional markets, where customers demonstrate a continued desire to take advantage of our services and practical solutions. This is because our Establishment is dedicated to providing only the highest levels of quality construction through proper execution techniques. The services that we provide are duly integrated and comprehensive, based on scientific studies and detailed specifications, all of which are accredited for the area, making the company a prominent figure in Saudi Arabia and the region.

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