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Al-Massa has been in the market for the past 20 years orchestrating several complicated projects with excellence and pioneering customer satisfaction. With the belief in our dedicated team and their continuous contributions in this organization we were able to exceed expectations and deliver results by promoting our solutions. With the industrial, economical  revolution in Saudi Arabia and the expansion in electricity demand we believe that we can play an important role in the local and neighbor markets, providing the best technical solutions and products available with our partners. 

We are committed to develop and  to bring the knowledge and know how through the best manufacturers around the globe. Depending on our excellent affairs with Saudi Electricity Company throughout the past two decades we look forward to be a dynamic player in strengthen the national grid in Saudi Arabia. 

We stand for the evolution of a more sustainable and innovative Kingdom based on scientific analysis, generating reliable solutions, striving for perfection upon completion and understanding the importance of expanding with ease into new markets.  


CEO and Co-Founder

Eng. Mansour Bin Saud Al Nasser

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